ACROBAT Gyro Navigation System for HDD

Being able to accurately drill in areas that are badly affected by magnetic interference requires a special instrument. AnTech’s patented ACROBAT™ solid-state Gyro Navigation System (GNS) has been developed specifically for this purpose.


It is unaffected by magnetism so can operate accurately in close proximity to existing metal pipelines, railways, reinforcement, pilings which can disrupt the earth’s magnetic field, and which make magnetic steering tools inaccurate.


Originally developed for high vibration oilfield applications, the ACROBAT™ Gyro can operate at any inclination, any azimuth and any latitude. It can also be used with or without drilling motors.











Gyro Navigation System for HDD 

The ACROBAT™ Gyro is an instrument module that fits into a carrier directly behind the drill head. The carrier can be sized to suit the drill head and can be as small as 5 inches outside diameter.


Power and signal transmission are over a single conductor cable with wired drill rods or more usually with a spliced conductor down the inside of the rods.


At surface, there is an interface panel, connected to a laptop. Communication to and from the ACROBAT™ gyro is controlled by the ALBACORE™ software included with the system.




Gyro Navigation System for HDD
Gyro Navigation System for HDD

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